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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/2010 - A Love's Spell Perfect Frequency - 10/10/2010

Once in a while the universe lines up in a divine numeric sequence of love frequency:
Today is one of those times 10/10/2010.  Why do I say this?  One is an uncorrupted number of the singular aspect of the all and two represents a feminine vibration.  If you add up all of today’s date numbers you will get a five vibration, which constitutes from a 2 the Yin/female and a 3 the Yang/male aspects that together equals a 5 vibration, adding up to an absloute  frequency of love. So today is the perfect day to send out a love spell to pair up in the universe with your perfect mate or just to reconfirm your existing love union.  The spell that you choose to perform is up to you, or just go to www.3rdiesoterics.com/ and choose from one of our Love Spell Casting Kits to catch this lover’s moon cycle that is now filling up, leading up to this full moon of  10/23/2010, so go ahead catch the wave of love before it starts to wane off its affects. So mote be...Grace