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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Spiritual Cleansing for 2012

There’s still time to catch the wave of positive energy, as we once again pass through the membrane of our time zone:

I suggest that you cleanse with a mixture of sea salts, magical herbs of your choice, combined with fragrant oils and perfumes, then add desired amount of this formula to warm water. Cascade the infusion over your body during your shower or bath; and presto, you will be ready to receive the New Year more alkaline and free of the old year’s acidic energy, in order to attract the good synergy that the New Year has to bring. Best time to catch this wave is within the last three days prior to New Year’s Eve. However, January is still a month that is filled with lots of the positive frequency of the New Year. Don’t despair if you don’t have time right now to collect all the ingredients mentioned, as we can formulate it for you before January ends.

Best Wishes to You and Yours,
Grace Esoterics

Monday, October 3, 2011

First Quarter Moon Good Luck Spell

An incantation to the Moon Goddess,

by Grace Esoterics

First quarter moon spoken spell for good luck:
"Oh moon as you burn half staff tonight, I wish I may have my wish granted tonight"...So Mote Be.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Breaking the Sad Barrier

On tough days I breakout in a song of Kumbaya My Lord or Namyohorengekyo, followed by Om, Om, Om...lol...But I really do...Just try it; it's euphoric.

Healing a Broken Heart

Perserverance and time heals matters of the heart; so pray to the moon, spiritually cleanse by adding rose quartz to your bath water, and savor your life.

Defining Life's Journey

Life's Journey has many facets there is Your:

Family Life; Love Life; Spiritual Life; Work Life; Social Life; Athletic Life; and not every level revolves around one given person. So live your own life, and you will find your legacy...Grace Esoterics

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Power of Circle Prayers

As I witnessed the power of the prayer circle that we formed during the recent Hurricane Irene, I realized the immense positive frequency that was generated by the people involved, which kept us safe and relatively unmarked from the wrath of this storm, who was scheduled to stomp over us in the New York City and Nassau area where most of the praying participants reside. Also our immediate families and friends in surrounding areas that were in the direct hit of this most powerful storm, and for whom we sent positive frequency, were also spared. This may all seem like a lucky coincidence for some, but I have to say that it is too surreal of a coincidence to dismiss an act of good faith brought on by positive thinking beings. Once again I call upon people of the light to pray for the speedy recovery of those who were affected by the devastation of this storm.

Further to this, I am requesting that we lend light to a 6 year old little girl named Jaqueline del Carmen, from El Salvador, who is stricken with an illness that cannot be diagnose that behaves similar to an asthma attack and heart attack at the same time. This is very alarming for the family to watch, as they do not know how to help this small child during her onset of these most painful and desperate symptoms. May the same power that repelled the wrath of Hurricane Irene from our prayer circle, help repel the frequency that is plaguing this angelic little girl, who wants to just play and have fun free of pain and distress.

Please ask for little Jaqueline’s energy force field to protect her little body through our positive thoughts of wellness sent her way, so that the doctors in El Salvadore can find her a healing treatment.

Best Regards,
Grace Esoterics

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thanks for your positive thoughts:

www.3rdiesoterics.com wants to thank you for your prayers...Our zone is safe and relatively unmarked by Hurricane Irene. The power of our prayer circle repelled the incoming negative frequency, as Yemaya the spirit of the Oceans, Oya the spirit of the wind, and Oshun the spirit of the rivers delivered our prayers to the almighty. And let us send positive light to speed up the recovery efforts of those who were affected by the wrath of this storm.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

As Hurricane Irene Approaches the East Coast:   Let us pray that Yemaya's waves are merciful, Oya's winds are zephyrs & Oshun holds back the river levees... Grace Esoterics

Friday, April 8, 2011


As the Equinox approaches, we may experience a surge in anomalies all around us.

This time of the year may come with natural catastrophes, personal wraths, and ghostly apparitions of time frames that have already taken place, are about to happen, or are simultaneously occurring. It’s as if, we are shifting between worlds or membranes and the space in between opens a window of dark matter. The equinox is a wondrous time of the year, as we prepare to begin the process of drawing closer to or farther from the sun all over again; it all depends where you are living on earth. Wherever you are, you will be affected by the slight shift in seasons and depending how things are going for you during this time your mood will amplify for the better or worse similar to the affects that the full moon has on the tides, as well as ourselves, but for a longer length of time. Just follow the season of Lent and you will see the radical transformation that manifest during this time in nature. It’s not Lent that is causing this, but rather earth lines up to a similar planetary alignment and frequency that lead up to Christ’s death, a dark time in the hearts of many. After Easter Sunday, there seems to be a sigh of relief, as the seasons redefine themselves again. So take it slow during the approaching equinox whether it’s spring or fall to allow the planet and yourself to acclimate the changes of season...

Best Regards,
Grace Esoterics @ http://www.3rdiesoterics.com/