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Friday, April 8, 2011


As the Equinox approaches, we may experience a surge in anomalies all around us.

This time of the year may come with natural catastrophes, personal wraths, and ghostly apparitions of time frames that have already taken place, are about to happen, or are simultaneously occurring. It’s as if, we are shifting between worlds or membranes and the space in between opens a window of dark matter. The equinox is a wondrous time of the year, as we prepare to begin the process of drawing closer to or farther from the sun all over again; it all depends where you are living on earth. Wherever you are, you will be affected by the slight shift in seasons and depending how things are going for you during this time your mood will amplify for the better or worse similar to the affects that the full moon has on the tides, as well as ourselves, but for a longer length of time. Just follow the season of Lent and you will see the radical transformation that manifest during this time in nature. It’s not Lent that is causing this, but rather earth lines up to a similar planetary alignment and frequency that lead up to Christ’s death, a dark time in the hearts of many. After Easter Sunday, there seems to be a sigh of relief, as the seasons redefine themselves again. So take it slow during the approaching equinox whether it’s spring or fall to allow the planet and yourself to acclimate the changes of season...

Best Regards,
Grace Esoterics @ http://www.3rdiesoterics.com/