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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions:

are best met after taking one of our Aura Cleansing Spells, accompanied by our 3rdi Almighty Candle and one of our many House Blessing Incense. Just try La Madrina Spiritual Cleansing Bath with easy to follow instructions to start the year more alkaline and less acidic, and see how your luck changes to a stronger positive frequency that repels the negative charges around you.

Best Regards,
Grace Esoterics

Thursday, November 4, 2010

21 of My Favorite Affirmations and Incantations.

Incantations: Spoken Spells to start your day...

1. Don’t just emulate others, evolve…grace

2. Spirits begot Spirits – negative spirits be gone…Quoted by a Biblical follower and friend

3. Vanish all who wish me harm and wish them all well upon far away from me…Grace

4. So mote be…So be it…quoted from Wicca and Christian faith alike

5. I say…I Say…I SAY…I SEE…the Bible

6. To succeed you must persevere fear in the face…grace

7. God did not give us fear; instead we received LOVE, PEACE and SOUND MIND…The Bible

8. May all you say or do go 10 fold back to you. Careful what you wish for…Wiccan protection prayer

9. Threat not yourself from evil doers, they soon be cut down…Psalms 37

10. No weapon form against me; shall not prosper…Quoted by a Biblical follower and friend

11. If there is no work, there is no harvest…A prayer to the spirit of hard work…grace

12. A debt in the universe brings bad karma….Please do not ask me for credit…grace

13. Spirituality is about self Atonement and not self preservation…grace

14. Without hard work there is no harvest, and to succeed you must persevere fear in the face… grace

15. All Positive energies Lead to God…grace

16. Love is an element found only in the heart…grace

17. How you lived your life is determined by the number of people who pray for your help when you have gone…grace

18. I dominate your 5 sense and 7 thoughts you will do my will now and for always…grace

19. Spirit of abundance allow me to distribute the riches of the world, bring me once, twice, three times the money that I need…grace

20. 14 Stations he endured to grant me everlasting life…Remembering the passion of Christ.

21. Almighty God, guide my thoughts to carry out what you set forth & give me strength to get it done.

Come up with your own incantation to affirm your specific needs...So mote be...grace

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/2010 - A Love's Spell Perfect Frequency - 10/10/2010

Once in a while the universe lines up in a divine numeric sequence of love frequency:
Today is one of those times 10/10/2010.  Why do I say this?  One is an uncorrupted number of the singular aspect of the all and two represents a feminine vibration.  If you add up all of today’s date numbers you will get a five vibration, which constitutes from a 2 the Yin/female and a 3 the Yang/male aspects that together equals a 5 vibration, adding up to an absloute  frequency of love. So today is the perfect day to send out a love spell to pair up in the universe with your perfect mate or just to reconfirm your existing love union.  The spell that you choose to perform is up to you, or just go to www.3rdiesoterics.com/ and choose from one of our Love Spell Casting Kits to catch this lover’s moon cycle that is now filling up, leading up to this full moon of  10/23/2010, so go ahead catch the wave of love before it starts to wane off its affects. So mote be...Grace

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is Alchemy

Witchcraft also known as Alchemy (the transmutation of energy) can take sometimes minutes, hours, days or years to manifest itself; however, from my experiences the longer the spell takes to work, the greater the outcome that will be revealed.  It is as if the universe takes time to amplify the message and delivers an outcome in higher frequency back to the petitioner with unbelievable force, removing obstacles, revealing all doubts, and changing the course of things. Patience is a virtue even when it comes to practice of an Alchemist. Vist http://www.3rdiesoterics.com/servlet/the-Spell-Casting-Kits/Categories to learn more on how to cast a your own spell.  So mote it be...Grace

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Hear Your Cry

     Are you recently feeling tired, depressed or perhaps a little off balance and do not know why? Well you are not alone. We are living in uncertain times with the economy flip flopping; unemployment not stabilizing quickly enough; toppled by our planet’s most recent environmental spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that it is no wonder why we are feeling this way, even if these factors do not seem to impact our personal lives directly. You see, we are all connected by frequencies, and therefore, some of us are more susceptible to the negative vibrations being emitted by those who are in distress:  due to our rising unemployment; home foreclosures; health care crisis; and the fear of terrorism, as bureaucratic uproars continue to struggle to find the answers; and to make matters worst, our feathered and gilled animal inhabitants of the Gulf are dying in numbers as a result of the worst environmental spill in our planet’s known history.

     For the last few days, I have felt profoundly sad, myself, and did not know why. I am blessed with good health, steady work and everything in my personal life seems to be going well, thank God.  So, as I pondered from where is this energy coming, I thought of the 11 people who died at the BP site in the Gulf and of all the animals that are in harms way due to it; and I began to understand my sadness.  Mother Earth is bleeding, I grieved, and I felt helpless inside. I, immediately, wanted to do something besides criticize BP and our Government’s handling efforts, so I began to pray; and now I am asking you to pray with me that our Creator lead us down the right path to resolving this planetary catastrophe. Please join me in prayer for the families of those who lost their lives and the growing numbers of animals still struggling to stay alive. If it is at your disposal, find it in your heart to give to a charity of choice that is directly involved with the recovery efforts. Or go to http://www.3rdiesoterics.com/ and purchase our Almighty Candle to light a universal prayer, for our Plant Earth that needs healing in so many spiritual levels. For each Almighty Candle sold through our site a 50% donation will be made to http://www.auduboninstitute.org/ . This is how I figure that I can directly help to answer the distress signals that I have empathically picked up since this whole BP ordeal began.
As I commit to help with this cause, I hope you too can find a way to join in the efforts.

     Just imagine, water is a conductor of energy and these defenseless animals are sending distress signals through sound wave frequency; and some of us are at the receiving end and cannot ignore their cries.  As we continue to move in the direction of a one world economy, we also have a moral responsibility to join in a global effort to repair the damages that are inflicted by human error or negligence regardless of who did what, when and how.  In these extreme situations, humanitarian efforts need to enlist immediately in order to collect the opinions of the best environmental experts available throughout the world, to find the right solutions to threatening global problems and to prevent future repeats. Already too much time lapsed, due to the blame game, when time is crucial in fixing a problem of this global magnitude. The focus should be on the resolution and accountability will follow. BP may have caused the ripple effect, but this is spreading in a global spectrum and needs the world’s attention to collaborate in finding the solution to the immediate problem, the spill.  So, I am asking that you think about what just happened here and roll up your sleeves to pitch in, for what you do for others today may be returned to you in kindness someday. When we come together for the greater good through humanitarian support and fundraising, our connective energies make miracles happen. In every negative there is a positive lesson to be learned. These creatures of the sea, land and air are victims of an unwarranted dilemma that could have been avoided, so let us make this lesson count.

Find a way to help,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stay Working with Orisha Ogun

If there is no work, there is no harvest.  In today's economy, we need to surround ourselves with positive energy to survive employment cuts.  Place an Orisha Ogun 7 day Candle in front of Ogun's Prayer Statue, the spirit of the iron worker, to keep steady work coming your way.  Orisha Ogun is a Powerful Seven African Spirit that protects our career path and keeps us on the road to success.  Visit us at http://www.3rdiesoterics.com/ for all your spiritual product needs.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How the Orishas work for us.

7 African Powers is made up of an extensive pantheon of Orishas that share common  attributes of positive energy with other similar disciplines and spiritual beliefs. 
Here is a cauldron of the most commonly invoked Orishas
 to balance our daily lives and restore spiritual harmony.

  Olodumare is God creator of the universal order.

  Olofi the processor of life shares the selfless attributes of Jesus, Ganesh, Mohamed and other Prophets.

      Orula stands like a Guardian Angel at the gate of heaven and grants us passage to everlasting life.
                  Obatala guides our thoughts, an 8th Chakra wonder that balances our choices.

            Yemaya Goddess of the ocean is, mother earth herself, synchronized as the Virgin Mary.

           Oshun Goddess of the rivers, beauty, riches and love connects us with our terrestrial senses.

          Oya Goddess of the wind guards the 4th dimension the threshold linking us to the spirit world.
          Elegua is the divine messenger and our 3rd Chakra intuition that voices our universal prayers.

          Chango  warrior of war and defender of peace  fights our enemies so that we don't have to.

               Ogun governs all things mechanical  and keeps us working towards our goals in life.

                  Ochosi removes us from harm and sends us on the path to ever lasting happiness.

                       Babalu Aye watches over our health and grants miraculous healing powers.

                                And remember Orishas are a gift from our African ancestors
                                 that live within us all  and can be invoked to balance our spirit.
                                Just light any of our Orisha Candles to call upon their powers.

                                Go to our website for more of our Orisha products.

Monday, May 17, 2010


THE POWER OF THREE can generate a frequency for you to vibrate in a stronger universal prayer.
Light three candles to petition your needs: one to your favorite Deity, Saint, Angel of choice or just choose our Almighty Candle for a more direct approach to reaching our creator, who is always ready to listen; two light a seven day prayer candle stating your intention, like an Open Road Candle; and three light an Zodiac 7x7 Candle connecting your energy field with your prayers.
The Power of Three can help you elevate with the message that you are sending out into the universe in a higher frequency.
See our list of candles to create your own Power of Three Candle ritual and enjoy the wondrous results generated by it.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Home Owner’s Saving Grace:

Here is a recipe to help save your home from foreclosure.

Light a Saint Joseph 7 Day Candle, a Court 7 Day Prayer Candle and a Fast Luck 7 Day Candle.

If you need to do a short sale bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in front of your property and if you need to restructure or re-modify your current mortgage light this power of three candles noted above in front of the St. Joseph Statue.
Then send your petition of prayer into the universe to St. Joseph the patron saint of the worker and home owners to manifest your needs.

If you are not sure were you are in the process of saving your home don’t loose faith and contact Hope for Home Owner’s Money Management to assist you in the process. Toll Free 866-889-9347.


Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Spiritually Cleanse your Aura and Home:

Spiritual cleansing dates back to the beginning of time.
Call it folktale or superstition our families regardless of our ethnic backgrounds and spiritual practices use some for alchemy (transmutation of energy) to get rid of negative energy.

Ever remember seeing your grandmother sweeping from the back of your home to the front, perhaps to get rid of the dust as well as uninvited spirits. Just as your get rid of the daily grim in your home you too can get rid of dormant energy that needs to circumvent, creating a more aromatic harmonious living environment.

3rdiesoterics is a new line of spiritual products that did not reinvent the wheel,
but rather simplified it uses to make this easy and accessible for all to practice spiritual cleansing at home. So I invite you to visit us at www.3rdiesoterics.com to see some of our household cleansing products and incense for your home, energy and balance.

Try our Seven Chakra Spray Mist and Open Road Floor Wash to bring good vibrations into your home.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Almighty God Runic Candles

3rdiesoterics introduces a new line of Runic Candles.

The Almighty Candle comes with the following prayer
honoring our Almighty God:

"Guide my thoughts to carry out what you set forth
and grant me strength to get it done."

Visit our website for these new Runic Candles. http://www.3rdiesoterics.com/ /see our mystical candles section for this exciting new item.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spiritual Products by 3rdiesoterics

Did you know that almost everyone is a 5 second clairvoyant (call it intuition or gut feeling) who can predict what is about to happen in the immediate future?

However, like an athlete who trains for the Olympics some of us can improve this ability to fast forward and shift back and forth in time through the use of the pineal gland, better known as the 3rd eye. Clairvoyance is one of the many psychic abilities that allow souls to exchange information through the use of telepathy, as well as enable predictions.

To enhance these abilities, I invite you to experience a new line of spiritual products created to connect mind, body & soul, releasing the positive energies in us all...3rdiesoterics.com.

Sunday, March 28, 2010