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Thursday, November 4, 2010

21 of My Favorite Affirmations and Incantations.

Incantations: Spoken Spells to start your day...

1. Don’t just emulate others, evolve…grace

2. Spirits begot Spirits – negative spirits be gone…Quoted by a Biblical follower and friend

3. Vanish all who wish me harm and wish them all well upon far away from me…Grace

4. So mote be…So be it…quoted from Wicca and Christian faith alike

5. I say…I Say…I SAY…I SEE…the Bible

6. To succeed you must persevere fear in the face…grace

7. God did not give us fear; instead we received LOVE, PEACE and SOUND MIND…The Bible

8. May all you say or do go 10 fold back to you. Careful what you wish for…Wiccan protection prayer

9. Threat not yourself from evil doers, they soon be cut down…Psalms 37

10. No weapon form against me; shall not prosper…Quoted by a Biblical follower and friend

11. If there is no work, there is no harvest…A prayer to the spirit of hard work…grace

12. A debt in the universe brings bad karma….Please do not ask me for credit…grace

13. Spirituality is about self Atonement and not self preservation…grace

14. Without hard work there is no harvest, and to succeed you must persevere fear in the face… grace

15. All Positive energies Lead to God…grace

16. Love is an element found only in the heart…grace

17. How you lived your life is determined by the number of people who pray for your help when you have gone…grace

18. I dominate your 5 sense and 7 thoughts you will do my will now and for always…grace

19. Spirit of abundance allow me to distribute the riches of the world, bring me once, twice, three times the money that I need…grace

20. 14 Stations he endured to grant me everlasting life…Remembering the passion of Christ.

21. Almighty God, guide my thoughts to carry out what you set forth & give me strength to get it done.

Come up with your own incantation to affirm your specific needs...So mote be...grace