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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Power of Circle Prayers

As I witnessed the power of the prayer circle that we formed during the recent Hurricane Irene, I realized the immense positive frequency that was generated by the people involved, which kept us safe and relatively unmarked from the wrath of this storm, who was scheduled to stomp over us in the New York City and Nassau area where most of the praying participants reside. Also our immediate families and friends in surrounding areas that were in the direct hit of this most powerful storm, and for whom we sent positive frequency, were also spared. This may all seem like a lucky coincidence for some, but I have to say that it is too surreal of a coincidence to dismiss an act of good faith brought on by positive thinking beings. Once again I call upon people of the light to pray for the speedy recovery of those who were affected by the devastation of this storm.

Further to this, I am requesting that we lend light to a 6 year old little girl named Jaqueline del Carmen, from El Salvador, who is stricken with an illness that cannot be diagnose that behaves similar to an asthma attack and heart attack at the same time. This is very alarming for the family to watch, as they do not know how to help this small child during her onset of these most painful and desperate symptoms. May the same power that repelled the wrath of Hurricane Irene from our prayer circle, help repel the frequency that is plaguing this angelic little girl, who wants to just play and have fun free of pain and distress.

Please ask for little Jaqueline’s energy force field to protect her little body through our positive thoughts of wellness sent her way, so that the doctors in El Salvadore can find her a healing treatment.

Best Regards,
Grace Esoterics

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