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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Are You a Crystal, Indigo or Rainbow Star Child?

Grace Esoterics:

A Crystal star child comes to earth with a celestial power to perform random acts of kindness, leave positive energy wherever they go, and loves life unconditionally regardless of their experiences. Crystals are a true example of kindled souls.

An indigo star child is a terrestrial being that comes to earth to make modifications that provoke planetary changes. Some Indigos are said to be autistic and gifted with enormous motor sensory abilities that cause them to be psychics capable of repelling negative frequency. It is through this radical reaction to the environment that Indigos connect us with planetary shifts that keeps us on our toes about our state of depletion and possible extinction. They are messengers of god.

The Rainbow star child is a cell planted on earth from an extraterrestrial order, that comes to guide the Indigos and Crystals by mentoring them throughout their life's journey in order to aide the course of their mission. These are our Guardian Angels.

What type Star Child are you and why?

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