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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the Storm: Hurricane Sandy

To my many well wishers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I am humbled that I was fortunate enough never to lose electrical power and my home was unaffected from the winds and fallen trees. As for my shop although I lost electrical power there, it was intact and dry as if nothing happened; and I got power back two days after the storm. The tree in front of the store and the two by my house are standing proud that they got through this storm. I've been blessed by the tree in front of my shop many times before, as it sheltered me once from a car accident and has weathered other wicked storms. I was crazy enough during Sandy's storm to pray to my surrounding trees to stand up against the wind, and I could feel that they were listening. I should probably be committed for saying that, but thank God for giving me such amazing trees to keep me safe. Hope you and yours weathered it well too...Best Regards, Grace

Let's pray for a speedy recovery for those devastated by Sandy's wrath. I gave to the Red Cross; they really do their job in helping people out during these times.

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