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Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Spiritually Cleanse your Aura and Home:

Spiritual cleansing dates back to the beginning of time.
Call it folktale or superstition our families regardless of our ethnic backgrounds and spiritual practices use some for alchemy (transmutation of energy) to get rid of negative energy.

Ever remember seeing your grandmother sweeping from the back of your home to the front, perhaps to get rid of the dust as well as uninvited spirits. Just as your get rid of the daily grim in your home you too can get rid of dormant energy that needs to circumvent, creating a more aromatic harmonious living environment.

3rdiesoterics is a new line of spiritual products that did not reinvent the wheel,
but rather simplified it uses to make this easy and accessible for all to practice spiritual cleansing at home. So I invite you to visit us at www.3rdiesoterics.com to see some of our household cleansing products and incense for your home, energy and balance.

Try our Seven Chakra Spray Mist and Open Road Floor Wash to bring good vibrations into your home.


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