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Monday, June 7, 2010

I Hear Your Cry

     Are you recently feeling tired, depressed or perhaps a little off balance and do not know why? Well you are not alone. We are living in uncertain times with the economy flip flopping; unemployment not stabilizing quickly enough; toppled by our planet’s most recent environmental spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that it is no wonder why we are feeling this way, even if these factors do not seem to impact our personal lives directly. You see, we are all connected by frequencies, and therefore, some of us are more susceptible to the negative vibrations being emitted by those who are in distress:  due to our rising unemployment; home foreclosures; health care crisis; and the fear of terrorism, as bureaucratic uproars continue to struggle to find the answers; and to make matters worst, our feathered and gilled animal inhabitants of the Gulf are dying in numbers as a result of the worst environmental spill in our planet’s known history.

     For the last few days, I have felt profoundly sad, myself, and did not know why. I am blessed with good health, steady work and everything in my personal life seems to be going well, thank God.  So, as I pondered from where is this energy coming, I thought of the 11 people who died at the BP site in the Gulf and of all the animals that are in harms way due to it; and I began to understand my sadness.  Mother Earth is bleeding, I grieved, and I felt helpless inside. I, immediately, wanted to do something besides criticize BP and our Government’s handling efforts, so I began to pray; and now I am asking you to pray with me that our Creator lead us down the right path to resolving this planetary catastrophe. Please join me in prayer for the families of those who lost their lives and the growing numbers of animals still struggling to stay alive. If it is at your disposal, find it in your heart to give to a charity of choice that is directly involved with the recovery efforts. Or go to http://www.3rdiesoterics.com/ and purchase our Almighty Candle to light a universal prayer, for our Plant Earth that needs healing in so many spiritual levels. For each Almighty Candle sold through our site a 50% donation will be made to http://www.auduboninstitute.org/ . This is how I figure that I can directly help to answer the distress signals that I have empathically picked up since this whole BP ordeal began.
As I commit to help with this cause, I hope you too can find a way to join in the efforts.

     Just imagine, water is a conductor of energy and these defenseless animals are sending distress signals through sound wave frequency; and some of us are at the receiving end and cannot ignore their cries.  As we continue to move in the direction of a one world economy, we also have a moral responsibility to join in a global effort to repair the damages that are inflicted by human error or negligence regardless of who did what, when and how.  In these extreme situations, humanitarian efforts need to enlist immediately in order to collect the opinions of the best environmental experts available throughout the world, to find the right solutions to threatening global problems and to prevent future repeats. Already too much time lapsed, due to the blame game, when time is crucial in fixing a problem of this global magnitude. The focus should be on the resolution and accountability will follow. BP may have caused the ripple effect, but this is spreading in a global spectrum and needs the world’s attention to collaborate in finding the solution to the immediate problem, the spill.  So, I am asking that you think about what just happened here and roll up your sleeves to pitch in, for what you do for others today may be returned to you in kindness someday. When we come together for the greater good through humanitarian support and fundraising, our connective energies make miracles happen. In every negative there is a positive lesson to be learned. These creatures of the sea, land and air are victims of an unwarranted dilemma that could have been avoided, so let us make this lesson count.

Find a way to help,

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